Meet The Chefs


Thom Rose

Thom has been a Hudson Valley local his whole life. He grew up an hour outside the city and acquired his passion for quality food at a young age. After High School, he honed in on his culinary skills while attending the Culinary Institute of America (graduating in 1991). Since then, he has been gaining experience through owning multiple restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley. Being an executive chef, he sees himself as a man who prepares only the best of high-end food. He approaches each menu aiming for uniqueness and freshness. He has a passion for local foods and appreciates the simplicity in the art of food preparedness. In Thoms spare time he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and wife, golfing and hiking with his dog, Cali.  


Robert Palmateer

Rob started his culinary journey through cooking with his parents at a young age. As he got older, he realized he loved being in the kitchen. Throughout high school, he worked multiple jobs that allowed him to be a part of the food world. After graduation, he attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and graduated in 2012. It was then that Rob discovered just how much he enjoyed bringing people together around the table, which is what he loves most about the industry. Rob has over 8 years experience sharing his love of food with others, from Michelin Star Restaurants in New York City to private country clubs here in the Hudson Valley. In Robs spare time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his wife, Cassie.robert-mathews-168903-unsplash.jpg